What Other Professionals Are Saying:

“It helped me a lot to make sure my camera angle and background for the virtual interview was adequate. Dr. Agrawal added some things about the lighting, that I will definitely make sure to correct. I was confident that I do not have a huge mistake in my virtual interview setting.”

Melissa C

“It helped me prepare the setup. Especially the lighting. I also practiced looking at the camera lens which came out nicely during the mock interview.”

Harsha K

“Very good resource for lighting and camera tips”

Samir D

What's in the course?

How important is it that you succeed in a virtual interview?

Just imagine yourself getting ready to face a virtual interview. Are you feeling anxious? Do you worry about how you look and sound on screen? Do you want to learn how to connect with your interviewer using eye contact and body language in a virtual interview?

The online nature of virtual interviews can be stressful - but NOT for you if you are well-prepared. In this course, you will learn to present yourself in a confident and professional manner at the virtual meeting by:

  • quickly and correctly seting up the essential elements - the video, audio, lighting, surroundings and professional attire
  • discovering tips and tricks to look and sound great on screen
  • preparing for the final steps leading to interview day

This course has short, engaging lessons that each focus on one aspect of the virtual interview. You will also learn common mistakes that make your online presence less impactful.

Master the simple, yet powerful, skills in this course and upgrade your interview strategy. With hiring decisions quickly becoming online, it is more important now than ever to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer with your online performance. By completing this course, you would have done your part in boosting your chances of getting your dream job.

Here’s wishing you the very best! - Dr Varun Agrawal ([email protected])

Screenshots from this course


  • What will I learn in this course?

    • Choosing a high-quality Camera
    • Selecting the ideal Microphone and Speaker
    • Using a great Lighting source and position
    • Setting up your Room and Background
    • Dressing Professionally
    • Establishing Eye Contact
    • Finding the proper Camera Position
    • Virtual interview Etiquette
    • Familiarizing yourself with Video Conferencing apps
    • Final steps in preparation for interview day
  • What do I need to get started?

    • Have a device (laptop, tablet or phone) with a video conferencing app installed
  • Who can benefit from this course?

    • Anyone facing an interviewer in a virtual meeting of professional nature such as a job interview or exam.
    • Medical Students
    • Medical Graduates - US and International
    • Resident Physicians
    • Fellows
    • Physicians
  • How long is the course valid for?

    60 days

Meet your instructor

The mission of Ed4MedUS is to provide personalized and affordable services to best prepare medical students and graduates applying into a US residency program.

As an educational consultant, I conduct online practice interviews and review personal statements and application materials, especially for medical students and graduates applying to residency training. I am also available for international medical graduates, their families and friends to guide how to best prepare and improve chances of a successful transition into a US residency program. Ed4MedUS also provides rich educational content in the form of youtube videos, twitter feed and facebook group discussions.

Ed4MedUS provides personalized consultation services and guidance to markedly improve YOUR chances of getting into a US medical residency program.

Here's wishing you the very best in your future endeavors. -Dr Varun Agrawal (Ed4MedUS.com)

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